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Minit Mystery #5: The Occam's Razor Case (April 28, 2019 to May 12, 2019)

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Ghost Pepper (February 14, 2018 to March 31, 2018)

Sawtooth (November 27, 2017 to February 13, 2018)

Minit Mystery Story: H.K. Krispies (November 17 to 26, 2017)

Public Domain (July 26, 2017 to November 16, 2017)

Banks o' Plenty storyline map (June 3, 2107 to July 25, 2017)

The 3 Margies (Apr. 7, 2017 to June 2, 2017)

The Spirit and the Immortality Formula (Dec. 20, 2016 to Apr. 6, 2017)

Selfy Narcisse general discussion (Sept. 25, 2016 to December 19, 2016)

Final Faceoff with Abner Kadaver storyline map (June 22, 2016 to Sept. 24, 2016)

Notta Fallar Makes Her Move storyline map (Apr. 7, 2016 to June 22, 2016)

The Three Detectives storyline map (Dec. 26, 2015 to Apr. 6, 2016)

Previous Dick Tracy stories since spring 2001

Thanks to GoComics user boboscar for the dates and titles. Click on the dates to read online. This is a draft version which will be revised in coming days. I've made a few adjustments to suit my purposes and some additional information is still to be added.

Written by Mike Kilian and drawn by Dick Locher

The earliest strips that are currently available online were written by the late Mike Kilian.

The Airplane Murder Mystery
84 days (The beginning is not online.)
The Mistress of Death
85 days
A Detective, 2 Gunmen, and a Kitty
39 days
G. R. Eed
42 days
Percy Brillig
62 days
Heartless Mahoney II
57 days
The Abduction of Tracy's Granddaughter
60 days
The Second Chameleon
54 days
The Revenge of Hardcase Harry?
85 days
Hawk II
60 days
The Filligree Murder Case
88 days
Dr. Beau Tox
81 days
Sal Monella II
83 days
Piggy Bank VI
89 days
Airport Sabotage
82 days
The Manipulation of Moonrock
74 days
Dick Tracy in the Southwest
76 days
84 days

Written and drawn by Dick Locher

After the sudden Death of Mike Kilian, Dick Locher took over the writing as well as the drawing, beginning with the January 16 strip partway through the Oily story .

Oily II
139 days
Al Kinda
155 days
Dr. Figment Froid
150 days
118 days
The Brainwashed Baron
148 days
The Haunted House
100 days
Cole Lector
114 days
Baskerville & Shirl Locke
104 days
82 days

Written by Dick Locher and drawn by Jim Brozman

It's not completely clear which roles Locher and Brozman had, but Brozman's name appeared in the credits starting on March 16, 2009. Brozman claimed he was now doing the drawing, but Locher has been quoted as saying he was still doing drawing.

Big Ace & One-Eyed Jack
161 days
Murder at the Circus
106 days
The Maestro and His Son
133 days
Johnny Nothing
137 days
92 days
Dr. Mordred
112 days

Written by Mike Curtis and drawn by Joe Staton

A completely new team, headed by Joe Staton and Mike Curtis took over the strip on March 14, 2011, as Dick Locher retired after 32 years of on and off work on Dick Tracy.

The Fifth & Flyface III
48 days
Hot Rize
33 days
23½ days
B-B Eyes II
35½ days
Morning Gloria
48 days
The Retelling of Tracy's First Case
36 days
The Second Mr. Crime
40 days
Putty Puss III
62 days
34 days
48 days
The Second Mr. Crime II
87 days
Mrs. Flattop
31 days
39 days
Measles II
49 days
Broadway Bates II
50 days
Sweat Box
57 days
The Jumbler
53 days
The Return of Moon Maid
188 days
The Blackhearts
75 days
Silver & Sprocket Nitrate
77 days
Tabby Angus
70 days
The Search for Annie
134 days
91 days
The Return of the Nitrates
69 days
Million Dollar Limited
76 days
The Fall of the Blackhearts
128 days
Midnite Mirror
75 days
The Three Detectives
103 days
Notta Fallar Makes Her Move
81 days
Final Faceoff with Abner Kadaver
91 days
Selfy Narcisse
92 days
The Spirit and the Immortality Formula
102 days
The 3 Margies
57 days
Banks o' Plenty
53 days
Public Domain
114 days
Minit Mysteries: H.K. Krispies
10 days
81 days
Ghost Pepper
?? days