Dick Tracy Storyline Map

Banks o' Plenty

June 3, 2016 to July 25, 2017

The Plenty family has banking problems and Blackjack shows up to teach the bank a lesson. A second bank is Blackjack's next target, but the robbery gets interrupted by a surprise development. (53 days)

Act 1: A haunting foreclosure

B.O. Plenty and Gravel Gertie suspect their house is haunted and when they ask the bank for help, the bank proceeds to repossess the house. June 3 to June 23, 2017 (21 days)

B.O. Plenty story introduction

3 4 5 6
B.O. Plenty and Gravel Gertie hear strange noises at Sunny Dell Acres

B.O. Plenty story inciting incident

They call their pastor, and then Paragon Bank, for help.
7 8 9 10
The bank has no record of a mortgage payment from the Plentys, so they start to foreclose
11 12
Since B.O. paid for his house in one cash payment, the judge dismisses the case
Then, B.O. receives a bill in the mail for court costs.

Aside: Update on Mr. Bribery

Lee Ebony reports that she will again be Mr. Bribery's bodyguard when he returns from Europe
14 15
B.O.'s lawyer says the bank owes the court costs and the newspaper is publicizing their bad attitude
16 17 18
Gertie begs for Tracy's help in B.O.'s meeting with the bank president and he relunctantly goes with them
Blackjack robs the bank, but he is shocked and delighted to meet B.O. Plenty and Gravel Gertie in person

B.O. Plenty climax

Tracy is not sympathetic with the bank's slowness to pay the court.
Tracy and Sam read the news coverage about Blackjack. They anticipate seeing Blackjack again soon
Blackjack regrets not getting the Plentys' autographs
He plans to rob another branch of the Paragon on payday, because he says they deserve it.

Act 2: A sparkling guest

Blackjack has long wanted to meet Sparkle Plenty. When he gets his chance, during a robbery, she convinces him to cancel the robbery in exchange for her autographing his vast collection of "Sparkle Plenty" memorabilia. June 24 to July 6, 2017 (13 days)

Sparkle Plenty story introduction

24 25
Blackjack dreams of meeting Sparkle Plenty. He has a large collection of her toys. He's off to rob again.
26 27
The bank has paid B.O.'s court costs and Sparkle is off to get groceries, but she stops at the bank for cash.

Sparkle story inciting incident

Blackjack comes to rob the bank.
28 29
Sparkle meets Blackjack at the bank and tries to talk him out of robbing it.
Sam tells Tracy that Sparkle Plenty deterred Blackjack and left with him.
1 2 3 4
Sparkle signs all of Blackjack's "Sparkle Plenty" collectibles and poses for pictures with him.

Sparkle Plenty climax

Happy Fourth of July!
5 6
Junior is worried about Sparkle, but Tracy says Blackjack would never hurt her.
Sparkle comes back perfectly fine.

Act 3: Troubles at Fleischer Bank

Fleischer Savings & Loan is being audited and the manager has something to hide. Blackjack's intended robbery gets interrupted by a fire starting, leading to a heroic rescue. July 7 to July 25, 2017 (19 days)

Fleischer Bank story introduction

Mr. Hickman, manager of the Fleischer Savings & Loan, is about to be audited.

Fleischer Bank story inciting incident

Tracy learns that Fleischer Bank is defaulting on pension funds
Blackjack also learns of Fleischer's default
He plans a robbery.
10 11
Tracy warns Hickman about a possible upcoming theft by Blackjack
Hickman hopes Blackjack robs them so the audit doesn't find out they're $250,000 short
Blackjack is still planning to do the robbery, but he's taking his time
14 15
Tracy and Sam are on a stakeout, across from the bank
16 17
Blackjack starts to rob the bank, but is interrupted by a fire

Fleischer Bank story climax

Blackjack orders his accomplices to help rescue the people.
Blackjack goes back to the manager's office to check for more victims
Tracy helps Blackjack rescue the manager and his secretary.

Falling action/Dénouement

22 23
Mr. Hickman started the fire!
Hickman is taken for questioning and Blackjack has given himself up to rescue people in the bank.


24 25
The newspaper is highly critical of Fleischer Bank but calls Blackjack the hero of the day
Blackjack got arrested but he also got a personal tour of Tracy's famous wall of hats, including one with his name below it.