Dick Tracy Storyline Map

Final Faceoff with Abner Kadaver

June 22, 2016 to present

Abner Kadaver has a plan to do what others have failed at: he is determined to be the one who succeeds in killing Dick Tracy. "It's a matter of honor."

Act 1: Two Trips Across the Ocean

Tracy and Tess have vacation plans in Europe, but Abner Kadaver also plans a trip there and he's planning to kill Tracy. As Tracy relaxes he dreams of Fearless Fosdick and a mini-story with the famous spoof of Tracy follows. June 22 to July 4, 2016 (14 days)


22 23
Tracy tells Pat he's going on a long vacation
24 25
Warbucks has loaned Tracy his private jet
Tracy will travel to Iceland, England, and Europe with Tess.
Abner Kadaver also plans to go to Europe

Inciting incident

With assassin Abner Kadaver and Dick Tracy in the same place at the same time, what could possibly go wrong?

Aside: Fearless Fosdick mini-story

26 27
Tracy falls asleep dreaming of Fearless Fosdick

Fosdick Introduction/Inciting Incident

In the dream, Chief Patton assigns Tracy Fosdick as a partner. Although they've never met, they've heard a lot about each other.
28 29
Fosdick says they're after Evil-Eye Fleegle
Tracy thinks they might catch him stealing the Dekashin'in Diamonds at the J. Straightedge Trustworthy movie premiere.
Disguised as ushers, Tracy and Fosdick spot the diamonds
1 2
Fleegle shows up and threatens the detectives with his Whammy of Mass Destruction

Fosdick Climax

Tracy and Fosdick slice and diffuse the Whammy with their razor-sharp chins

Fosdick Resolution

Tracy wakes up, the dream caused by ice cream with Moxie syrup.

Aside: Holiday greetings

Happy Fourth of July
The Space Coupe is featured! Could it be foreshadowing something?

Act 2: Kadaver and Tracy Prepare to Depart

As they celebrate Abner's birthday, Rikki and Abner go over plans for his upcoming trip and Abner departs. Tracy and Tess repeat the process on their side. July 5 to 16, 2016 (12 days)

Rikki obtains a lost Frankenstein script and test reel
It's a present for her boyfriend's birthday.
6 7
As Abner views the rare film, he reviews their plan
Abner reminds her to carry out her first contract two days after he leaves. Rikki is afraid for his safety for going after Tracy, but Abner vows he will succeed.
8 9
Rikki ships her "departed uncle" (actually Abner Kadaver) to England
The plane lands at Heathrow.
Tess and Dick Tracy review their itinerary
Tracy seems more interested in a TV Godzilla marathon than in Tess's romantic suggestions.
The family says their goodbyes to Dick and Tess at the airport
Honeymoon meets a mysterious stranger with a companion wolf. [It appears to be The Phantom and his wolf, Devil.]
15 16
Junior and Honeymoon wave goodbye
Honeymoon says she can tell that something is bothering Mysta, though they haven't spoken recently.