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Dick Tracy Storyline Map

Notta Fallar Makes Her Move

April 7, 2016 to June 22, 2016

Notta Fallar finally moves for revenge on Dick Tracy with the help of Putty Puss. Tracy has to defend his reputation as Notta tries to ruin it in a scandalous video and still pictures. Blaze Rize has fallen in love with Notta, but is increasingly being abused by her.

Prolog (recap from earlier)

The inciting action for this storyline actually took place during a sequence in the previous storyline, which is repeated here. February 17 to 20, 2016 (4 days)

17 18
With Tracy away, Notta starts to make her move on him

Inciting incident

Notta has been waiting a long time for Tracy to be far away, so she can implement her plan without disturbance.
19 20
Blaze tries to talk her out of it
Notta says Blaze can leave, then knocks her out for trying.

Act 1: Notta Makes a Scandalous Video

Notta Fallar has used the time while Tracy is in Cuba to prepare her scheme to smear his good name. April 7 to 19, 2016 (13 days)


7 8
Putty Puss is released from Happydale for a job
The doctor reminds him to be back for dinner.
9 10
Putty Puss arrives at Notta's
Psychotic Putty Puss will pose as Tracy on a "date" with Notta.
11 12
Blaze films and photographs Notta and the fake Tracy in a romantic encounter

Aside: Update on Mr. Bribery

13 14
Professor Glitch delivers Matty Squared to Mr. Bribery
Matty, an independent, intelligent virus, suddenly goes off-screen.
15 16
Matty returns for Bribery's orders
Bribery wants him to "do some banking business."
Wendy Wichel receives unbelievable photos in the mail
Wendy moves to air the slanderous evidence quickly.
18 19
MCU members watch the shocking video on SBN
They all know it's not him, but what about Tess?

Act 2: The conflict begins

Tensions rise on the side of the villains and on the side of the police. April 20 to May 3, 2016 (14 days)

Rising Action

20 21
Mayor Armstrong suspends Tracy without pay
... but Tracy has a standing job offer from Oliver Warbucks.
22 23
Warbucks will pay Tracy well and offers The Asp's help
Warbucks may need Tracy's help in a "special matter" later.
Tracy faces Tess at home
She knows it's not him and vows to fight.
25 26
Notta sends Screwball to kill Putty Puss
She knows Screwball wants revenge. Blaze is shocked.
27 28
Notta explains her reasoning for revenge on Tracy
According to her, Tracy chased Purdy onto the moon's surface.
29 30
Wendy Wichel and the Mayor get told off
Tess lectures Wendy. Pat lectures Mayor Armstrong.
Sam and Lee (as T-Bolt) discuss Notta and Bribery
"Is Notta a victim... or a mastermind?"
2 3
Blaze spots T-Bolt at the laundromat
Notta tells her to keep clear of T-Bolt and play dumb.

Act 3: The hunt for Putty Puss

Sam, Tracy, and The Asp try to hunt down the location of Putty Puss. Meanwhile, Screwball may be hunting him to his death. May 4 to 22, 2016 (19 days)

4 5
Tracy spots the tattoo of "Putty Puss" (Niav) on tape
Lawyer Mr. Kleen says finding Niav will get Tracy's job back.
6 7
Sam, Tracy and The Asp look for Niav at Happydale
The doctor at Happydale is very uncooperative and nervous.
The doctor lunges at Tracy with a stun gun
The Asp intervenes and smiles when it tickles him.

Aside: Update on Matty Squared

9 10
Matty Squared wants help moving money for Bribery
Dr. Glitch gets him a mouse.
11 12
Matty's new mouse, Ignatz, does a good job and gets rewarded
Ignatz seems to be a good replacement for Matty's former cat.
13 14
Screwball enlists the help of Pokerface to kill Putty Puss
Screwball and Pokerface arrive at Putty Puss's home
Sam and Tracy drive to Putty Puss' old hideout
Happydale officials are also covering up for Haf and Haf.
17 18
Screwball tells PP he's there to avenge his brother
Putty Puss imitates Cueball, then Screwball, distracting him.
19 20
As Putty Puss imitates Tracy, the real Tracy arrives

Putty Puss climax

Screwball is arrested and Putty Puss put into protective custody.
21 22
Sam and Tracy confront Wendy with the evidence: Putty Puss in person
She is forced to admit on air that her scoop was based on a fraudulent video. Mayor Armstrong also realizes her unpaid suspension of Tracy was a mistake.

Act 4: Blaze Rize Gets Turned

Tracy goes after Notta, while Blaze is more unhappy than ever. A chance meeting at the laundromat sees Blaze turn to the good side at T-Bolt's suggestion. May 23 to June 4, 2016 (13 days)

Pat welcomes Tracy back to the force
Tracy's main priority is to find Notta Fallar.
Notta sends Blaze to the laundromat again
24 25
T-Bolt and Blaze catch up on news
26 27
T-Bolt tells Blaze that Notta is being abusive
T-Bolt's cop acquaintance could help. Blaze reluctantly agrees.
Lizz tells the MCU she found nothing at Notta's old place
Sam and Tracy are called to the laundromat
29 30
Tracy and Sam conference with Blaze
Flakey Biscuits died of a heart attack!
31 1
Blaze agrees to testify about Bribery and help catch Notta

Blaze Rize climax

The DA will fabricate a deal. Blaze will call Tracy in two days.

Aside: Update on Abner Kadaver and Rikki

2 3 4
Rikki is about to open the crate of a "Vampire Mechanique"
Abner is determined to kill Tracy. It is "a matter of honor."

Act 5: Notta Fallar is Going Down

Notta makes hasty plans to clear out as Blaze tries to set things up so that the police can move in and arrest Notta. June 5 to June 22, 2014 (18 days)

Notta has learned that Tracy caught Putty Puss and Screwball
Notta's plans are falling apart. She plans for them to escape.
6 7
Notta explains why Mr. Bribery is bankrolling her
Bribery thinks Purdy will be able to tell him the location of the other cache of gold.
8 9
Jim Blake is meeting Tracy who is awaiting Blaze's call
Tracy hopes Blaze will help him capture Notta.
Tracy gets the call from Blaze
10 11
Notta almost catches Blaze calling Tracy
They'll be gone in 30 minutes.
Notta makes final escape preparations as the police move in
13 14
Notta asks Blaze to kill Tracy, but Blaze refuses
15 16
Notta kicks Blaze out, realizing she called Tracy
17 18
Blaze wants to take Purdy with her, but he's missing
Notta tries to shoot Blaze but Purdy stops her!

Storyline climax

Tracy and Lizz look on in astonishment as Notta breaks down in tears.

Falling action/Dénouement

20 21
Notta is arrested, and Blaze is stunned Purdy saved her
Notta is off to jail, Blaze is off to meet witn the District Attorney, and Purdy Fallar is off to Adult Protective Services.


Pat congratulates Tracy on a job well done
Tracy has definitively cleared his name and found a witness to testify against Mr. Bribery.